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Home Inspections Use the form below to schedule a Westchester County, NY Home Inspection by A-1 Home Inspection Services Inc. Or, if you would like to speak with us directly, please call 914-261-6159 or 914-316-2002. We look forward to working with you on your new property purchase.

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Westchester County NY Professional home inspections

A-1 Home Inspection Service Inc professional home, condo and commercial inspections for the following cities in Westchester County, NY:

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  • White Plains, NY Inspections
  • Hartsdale, NY Inspections
  • Scarsdale, NY Inspections
  • Tarrytown, NY Inspections
  • Sleepy Hollow, NY Inspections
  • Dobbs Ferry, NY Inspections
  • Rye Brook, NY Inspections
  • Harrison, NY Inspections
  • Port Chester, NY Inspections
  • Rye, NY Inspections
  • Ossining, NY Inspections
  • Mamaroneck, NY Inspections
  • Greenwich, CT Inspections
  • New Rochelle, NY Inspections
  • Mount Vernon, NY Inspections

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Resources for Westchester County NY Home Buyers

There are always many questions. We have compiled this list of resources that address some of the common questions and concerns of homeowner's regarding their home or a property you wish to buy. Resources include information on Asbestos, Radon, Septic Systems and Mold.

Home Inspection Resources
for Home Buyers - Read More

Pre Home Buying Termite Inspections for Westchester County NY

A-1 Home Inspections Service Inc. is a Licensed Termite Inspector, serving New York Boroughs. Before purchasing your new property be sure it has been inspected for any termite damage.

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for Termite Damage

A-1 Home Inspection Service Inc.

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  • Licensed Termite Inspector
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Our Westchester County New York Home Inspections Include:

Electrical Systems Inspections

Check that overall system is updated including:
  • Proper number of outlets in each room and throughout the house
  • 3-prong Outlets
  • GFIC Outlets
  • Correct Amperage
  • Breakers or Fuses

Plumbing Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Test Water Temperature
  • Water Pressure
  • Visible Leaks In Piping System
  • Sewer Traps

Hot Water System Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Flu Mounted Properly
  • Hot And Cold Water Inlet Pipes
  • Rusting And Deteriorating On Jacket
  • Ignition System

Heating / Air Conditioning Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Asbestos On Heating Pipes
  • Flu And Exhaust Systems
  • Age And Condition Of Equipment
  • Condition Of Oil Tank (Above Ground Only)
  • Base Of Chimney For Clean Out
  • Blow Back

Floors Walls Ceilings Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Stress Cracks
  • Water Stains
  • Structural Damage
  • Bowing in Floors

Windows and Doors Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Presence of Decay in Frames / Sills/ Lenthals
  • Deterioration of Gasket on Thermal-Pane Windows
  • All Windows / Doors are Operating Correctly Including Locks and Hardware

Kitchens / Bath Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Appliances Functioning Properly
  • Condition of Cabinetry

Fireplace Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Damper Door Operable
  • Creasol Build-up
  • Presense of Chimney Cap

Basements and Attic Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Structure and Foundation *
  • Water Penetration
  • Saturation Under and Through Foundation Walls
  • Air Quality Testing for Mold and Other Substances Including Radon and Water Well

*when visible

Foundation Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Structural Cracks
  • Signs of Movement

Home Exterior Siding Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Siding Type and Condition

Roof / Chimney Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Type of Roofing Material
  • Life Expectancy
  • Decay and Leaks
  • Pointing and Chimney Cap

Gutter Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Condition of Gutters
  • Proper Placement
  • Leaks

Driveway / Walkways / Patios Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Cracks and Condition
  • Trip Hazards

Retaining Wall Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Weep Holes
  • Cracking
  • Out of Plum

Lighting / Exterior Outlets

Inspections include:
  • Working Condition
  • Outlets are Weather Striped Properly

Garage / Shed Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Check Roof
  • Sill Plates
  • Doors
  • General Condition of Structure

Porches / Decks Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Proper Support
  • Weathering and Routing
  • General Condition

Fencing Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Open and Close Mechanism
  • Hardware
  • General Condition

NY State Certified & Licensed Home Inspector
NY State Home Inspection Licensing Course, Instructor
NY State Home Inspection Licensing Course, Instructor Westchester
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